Hej Ti, Aj Ti

Project name: Hej Ti, Aj Ti” – Innovative mechanism of informal children programming education

Donor:  Ministry of trade, tourism and telecommunications

Project leader: ICT Cluster of Central Serbia

Duration: 05. December 2016. - 30. Jun 2017.

General project goal: Raising parents’ awareness and motivation of elementary school pupils of Kragujevac area to direct attention to IT sector from the earliest age

Specific project goal: Enable elementary school pupils efficient and effective way of getting skills and knowledge in IT area, suited to their age, through innovative mechanism of informal education

Project description

Goal of this project is for elementary school pupils to get to know whole process of software developing which includes: idea generating and developing, design, development of application itself and application testing, as well as training them for creating final project on their own, implementing acquired skills of computer programming.

Course attendants will be given survey at the end of the course, to inquire their satisfaction of acquired knowledge. Survey results will be discussed on focus group with representatives of local interested parties, along with possibilities and ways of supporting Program of informal education in IT area.

Expected project results:

  1. Program of informal IT education for elementary school pupils developed and conducted
  2. Advocacy process, for supporting development of informal IT education of elementary school pupils with relevant institutions, initiated

Courses on project

  2. WP micro WEB

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