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Cluster Academy is a project of the ICT Cluster of Central Serbia Kragujevac Business Association aimed at developing professional skills of both employees and personnel needed at cluster member companies.

The indicator based on statistics shows that it takes 8 to 12 months to train a new employee, where such persons are unprofitable and present exclusive cost to the company in the first year. Thinking logically, we come to the conclusion that the ICT Cluster Academy is more than necessary to all of our members since they will obtain qualified personnel more quickly through trainings.

We are currently building the concept of the ICT Cluster Academy and we need assistance from all of our members in order for the Academy to be beneficial for everyone.

We need you to answer the following questions and based on your answers we will get the necessary information for the preparation and organization of trainings, courses that will be conducted at the ICT Cluster Academy.


  1. Which technologies do you use in your company?
  2. What kind of knowledge do you require from your personnel?
  3. How many trained personnel would you hire in the first year, and how many in a three-year period?
  4. Are you ready to participate in the training of candidates through the Cluster Academy and in what way?
  5. Would the Cluster have any financial obligation towards you?
  6. Which courses would you send your employees to?

Cluster Academy is an informal type of education and a project of the “ICT Cluster of Central Serbia” Business Association that occurs as a response to a turbulent and constantly growing IT industry, both globally and in Serbia. It was established to meet the needs of IT member companies of the ICT Cluster of Central Serbia for qualified IT personnel that the current labor market lacks, and for the purposes of their development and progress of their business. On the other hand, the Cluster Academy intends to consolidate professional courses, trainings and practices for members of the Cluster as well, in order to provide quality knowledge they need to achieve higher levels of competitiveness in the national and international market of IT products and services.

Cluster Academy is at the early stage of development with a tendency to become an effective mechanism of informal education that will contribute to qualification and additional qualification of personnel aimed at the specific requirements of IT companies that are members of the ICT Cluster of Central Serbia.

Cluster Academy programs are aimed towards beginners in programming, who do not possess any prior knowledge, as well as to those active developers who want to continue to improve through advanced courses in various technologies, which are primarily used by members of the Cluster.

Currently, the Cluster Academy offers the following trainings:

Training for beginners in programming – HTML5/CSS3

Advanced training – Basics of Programming with JavaScript

Junior IT Academy

ISTQB Certified Tester – Taking the exam.



Intensive two-month programming course for beginners within the Cluster Academy of the ICT Cluster of Central Serbia offers an opportunity for employment at one of the Cluster member companies.

Gathering of participants who will attend the course on programming basics and mastering the HTML5 and CSS3 programming languages is currently in progress. The most successful candidates will receive their certificates at the end of the course if they pass the final test, as well as an opportunity for employment at one of the companies of the ICT Cluster of Central Serbia.

The course will last for two months, a total of 48 hours of training on the premises of the Business Innovation Center in Kragujevac, in groups of 9 participants.

Topics included in the course:

  1. Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3
  2. Using editors in creating web pages (Notepad++ and alike)
  3. Building blocks in HTML and CSS
  4. Meta tags
  5. Correct writing and editing of the code
  6. The structure of making web pages
  7. Creating navigation
  8. Working with links and lists
  9. Creating and stylization of tables
  10. Inserting images and texts into web pages
  11. Forms and structure
  12. Formatting and stylization of the text
  13. Adding CSS stylization to HTML tags
  14. Adding videos and a Google map onto the website (embed)
  15. CSS tonal transitions, animations, transitions and transformations
  16. Code optimization for search engines
  17. Basics of raster and vector graphics (JPG, PNG and GIF)
  18. Preparing images and graphics for the web
  19. Flexbox & Multi-Column Layout
  20. Bootstrap CSS Framework
  21. W3C Markup Validation Service (Code Validation)
  22. Website behavior in different browsers;
  23. Responsive Web Design
  24. Final project


ICT Cluster of Central Serbia is initiating a new intensive two-month programming course for participants with certain prior knowledge within the Cluster Academy of the ICT Cluster of Central Serbia. As well as the previous HTML5/CSS3 beginner course, the new course in the field of obtaining programming skills by using JavaScript provides the participants with an opportunity to look for an internship or a job at one of the Cluster member companies.

Gathering of participants who will attend the advanced JavaScript course which requires prior knowledge of HTML and CSS and enables the participants who had already attended the beginner course to upgrade their knowledge through the next, advanced JS course, is currently in progress. Participants with beginner HTML5/CSS programming course certificate will have an advantage in the process of forming JS course groups. The most successful candidates will, as before, be provided with certificates after completing the course, if they pass the final test, and with an opportunity for employment at one of the member companies of the ICT Cluster of Central Serbia.

The course will last for two months, a total of 56 hours of training in groups of 10 participants.

Topics included in the course:

  1. Introduction to JavaScript
  2. HTML and CSS elements management
  3. Events management
  4. Variables, comments, operators
  5. Types of data
  6. JavaScript code debugging
  7. Branching commands
  8. Looping commands
  9. Functions
  10. Working with strings
  11. Working with arrays
  12. Working with dates
  13. Mathematical functions
  14. Data validation
  15. JS objects
  16. Error handling
  17. Http Request and JSON Response
  18. JSON response management
  19. Browser management
  20. jQuery library
  21. jQuery and HTML
  22. jQuery and Ajax
  23. AngularJS library
  24. AngularJS controllers
  25. AngularJS events
  26. AngularJS – Data management and filters
  27. AngularJS – Working with arrays
  28. Project task

All interested candidates may apply in one of the following ways:

Mobil phone: 066 36 01 88
Facebook: /iktklaster.kragujevac
Google+ :
Twitter: @ict-cs

Leave a message with your name and surname, phone number and e-mail, using one of the listed ways. We are expecting you!

Junior IT academy

organized by the ICT Cluster of Central Serbia Business Association, Kragujevac.

The duration of Junior IT Academy is 3 weeks (2 x 2 school classes per week and 1 class in the form of a webinar) – at computer classroom of Business Innovation Center in Kragujevac.

The basic idea of Junior IT Academy is to introduce programming to children, through the formation, development, design, as well as the full development of the application itself and its testing.

The Academy aims include:

  • teaching children how they can be creators of games, applications and animations, and not only their users,
  • encouraging them to think analytically,
  • improving their problem solving,
  • motivating them to continue to be engaged with programming on their own after the course completion.

Work will be conducted in several groups according to different age and interests of children.

SCRATCH – Learn programming by making Scratch games

  • From 2nd to 4th grade of elementary school
  • From 5th to 8th grade of elementary school

APP inventor – the next course (Android programming)

  • From 5th to 8th grade of elementary school

WordPress – Learn how to make a micro Web site.

  • From 5th to 8th grade of elementary school

Contact number: 066 360 188



Trg Topolivaca 4, Biznis inovacioni centar Kragujevac

Lecturer: Milan Đorđević, teacher of Informatics and Computing.

Enrollment is ongoing. The number of participants is limited.Course prices: SCRATCH – €40, APP inventor – €50, WordPress – €50


SEETB® or South East European Testing Board is a branch of ISTQB® – International Software Testing Qualifications Board that covers the territory of Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro. ISTQB® and SEETB® are internationally recognized, independent and non-profit organizations.

ISTQB® Certified Tester is the most widespread qualification scheme in the field of software testing. Curriculum and glossary of terms have become "de facto" industry standard of software testing profession. ISTQB® Certified Tester program provides us with knowledge for effective software testing.

The basic level is intended for all those who want to familiarize themselves with the basic principles of software testing, such as: software testers, quality assurance engineers, developers, managers of IT companies, departments and teams, students of information technology, etc.


The advanced level is intended for professionals who have achieved remarkable results in software testing career. This primarily includes software testers, test analysts, test engineers, consultants, test managers and developers. To be eligible to take the exam and acquire the Advanced Level Certificate, candidates must have the ISTQB Basic Level Certificate and must meet minimum criteria regarding the gained practical experience in the field of software testing.

Advanced Level consists of the following modules, representing the separate certificates: Advanced Test Manager, Advanced Test Analyst and Advanced Technical Test Analyst.

More information about ISTQB® qualification scheme can be obtained at

Examination dates and prices, as well as any other information can be obtained at Vojvodina ICT Cluster website.

ISTQB exam takes place at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Kragujevac, Sestre Janjić 6, 34000 Kragujevac, Office A-I-8



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