Project Name: “Cluster capacity building to support IT member companies in terms of implementing innovative education mechanism of current and future employees”

Donor: National Agency for Regional Development – NARD

Project Partner: “ICT Cluster of Central Serbia” Business Association, Kragujevac – ICT CS

Duration: October 1, 2015 – May 31, 2016

The number of companies/proprietorship businesses involved in the submitted project: 9

The number of scientific research organizations involved in the submitted project: 3

The number of local governments, Accredited Regional Development Agencies (ARDA) and other entities involved in the submitted project: 2

General Project Aim: Cluster capacity building to provide innovative services to IT member companies of the ICT Cluster of Central Serbia

Specific Project Aim: Establishing an innovative mechanism for the training of new employees and existing employees at IT companies


The task of the project will be establishing a two-axis mechanism to support IT cluster member companies, by providing them, on the one hand, with a methodology for training employees on probation/new employees and existing employees and the required manuals to be used in training. All this will be accompanied by meetings of an IT expert with the project team, the Cluster Managing Board and other members of the Cluster.

On the other hand, Cluster members will have access to human resources management manual, which they will be able to use internally to create a synergy of work of employees, improve the process of recruitment and selection, and hence improve the process of selecting the right personnel.

A workshop will be held on the topic of effective human resources management and presentation of the manual and its successful use in the management's daily work.


Result 1: Defined mechanism of education for new employees and existing employees at IT companies

Result 2: Improved capacity of cluster members for human resources planning and management.

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