New jobs for youngpeople in the ICT sector 2

Project Name: New Jobs for Young People in the ICT Sector 2

Donor:Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia

Project Leader:Business Development Center Kragujevac – BDC

Project Partner:“ICT Cluster of Central Serbia” Business Association, Kragujevac – ICT CS, 4 IT doo, Emisia Consulting

Duration: June 15, 2016 – March 31, 2017

General Project Aim: Contribute to improving the employability and employment of young people in three cities in Central Serbia: Kragujevac, Čačak, Kraljevo

Specific Project Aim: Generate new employment of young people in the ICT sector, by further development and expansion of innovative, local models for increasing harmonization of their competences with the needs of employers, based on encouraging multi-sectoral partnerships and dialogues at the local level

Project description

The project deals with the development and further expansion into new territories of local, innovative model of support to increase employability and employment of young people in the ICT sector, which is based on bridging the gap between the existing competences of the workforce and the needs of the labor market in the selected sector.

Instruments for bridging the gap are improvement of specialized ICT knowledge and skills for OOP and ANGULAR JS programming and gaining practical experience through trainings and internships.

 In this way we give a concrete answer to the identified problem of young unemployed people in the ICT and related fields – lack of competence, knowledge and skills for the employment in the ICT sector, as well as to the identified problem (an opportunity for the young unemployed people) on the side of employers – insufficient number of quality ICT professionals


  1. Innovative local model of support to the employment of young people in the ICT sector further developed, improved and tested on a wider territory
  2. Initiated institutionalization of the model as a measure of local employment policies in Čačak and Kraljevo
  3. Initiated broader dialogue of employers and educational institutions on the harmonization of educational outcomes and the needs of the ICT business community


  1. Introductory, entry-level training for HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  2. Training for Angular JS
  3. Training for OOP with iOS Swift programming language

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